Gary Neville Likes Atmospheric Football Indonesia

Gary Neville Likes Atmospheric Football Indonesia

There are interesting sights when Bali United host PSM Makassar in advanced League 1 at I Wayan Dipta Gianyar Stadium, Bali, Sunday (23/7/2017) night. Manchester United soccer legend, Gary Neville, also watched the game from VVIP stadium seats.

Even before the game started, Neville briefly greeted the players of both teams. He looks so enthusiastic about watching the game. Occasionally he clapped his hands. Moreover, throughout the game host supporters continue to sing and cheer to give encouragement for the team champion.

“He loves the atmosphere of Indonesian football after watching the game last night,” said Bali United CEO, Yabes Tanuri, Monday (24/07/2017).

The arrival of Neville to Indonesia, according to Yabes, at the invitation of one of the friends of Bali United owners. Then invited to watch the match Bali against PSM.

“There are friends who invite, then we invite to watch the game,” he said.

Yabes hopes, Neville’s presence can provide fresh air for Indonesian football, who just got up after getting FIFA sanctions. Not only Neville, Indonesian football can also be the attention of other international football celebrities.

“Hopefully more people like him who watch so our football is better and sponsors are also getting better,” said Yabes.

In the game that Neville witnessed, ended in a 3-0 win for the hosts….

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