Persebaya Back Losing Players

Mardiono saat masih membela Persebaya Surabaya  ( / Dimas Angga P)

Persebaya Back Losing Players

Surprising news from one of the players Persebaya Surabaya, Mardiono Situs Judi Online. Through his instagram account @ mardiono99, he said good-bye to the management and supporters of Bajol Ijo. Mardiono ensured himself out of the team based in Surabaya.

“Sorry for the management, and all the ranks, the friends during the Persebaya Bonek also if I am wrong, I am sorry for good luck always make Persebaya # salam sadly,” wrote Mardiono.

This news is a question mark in the body Persebaya. Mardiono is a loan player from Semen Padang club with a one-year contract. Mardiono should still be in Persebaya for the next two months.

But unfortunately when asked for information, the management was silent about this matter. In line with the management, Mardiono also did not answer questions from reporters.

Currently, Persebaya are struggling to earn points in Madiun, and certainly struggle foster children Alfredo Vera is getting harder without some of their players.

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