Indonesia Vs Malaysia, Need More Than Just Spirit and Motivation

Indonesia Vs Malaysia, Need More Than Just Spirit and Motivation

Inaugural Game Group H Qualifying U-23 Asian Cup presents a duel allied between Indonesia counter Malaysia.

Indonesian tactician Luis Milla says his protege is ready for combat at Supachalasai National Stadium, Bangkok, Wednesday (7/19/2017).

The opening victory will be very meaningful for Indonesia’s journey through the finals in 2018. Step Indonesia targeting the top standings slotemen or five best runner-up will be easier.

If managed to record three points in the starting party, ideally Bagas Adi cs can take similar points when faced with Mongolia, Friday (21/07/2017).

Traditionally, Mongolia is not a difficult team to conquer.

In the third party, the test will be more severe because of meeting Thailand on Sunday (07/23/2017). If it failed to win, a draw should be enough to make Indonesia potentially qualify for the finals.

“The players are very passionate and motivated ahead of the U-23 Asian Cup Qualification match and the weather in Bangkok is no problem as well,” Luis Milla said in the PSSI release.

Body posture

Spirit and motivation are certainly not enough to navigate the tough competition in Bangkok later. Milla must lead Marinus Manewar cs to look perfect.

Errors that often descend the defense should be resolved since the early minutes in the inaugural game.

So also with the front sector that must be more aggressive and intelligent in taking advantage of the slightest opportunity.

The national team midfielder must be skilled in filtering the onslaught and creative when building attacks.

You see, according to “spy” Indonesia in Malaysia, Rahmad Darmawan, Malaysia in the hands of Ong Kim Swee is not an easy opponent.

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“The talent is Malaysia’s defeat with Indonesia, their strength lies in the understanding of playing tactics that they have got during U-19 and U-21 because the competition is held on a regular basis,” said Rahmad, who is now mengarsiteki Malaysian club, T-Team , To the Ball.

“As for posture, Malaysian players are also a lot tall, the condition is ideal with their game concept that is not concerned with possesses play,” which they are wary of is solid enough in defense and fast on counter-attack, “said Rahmad.

Meanwhile, Malaysia is in high confidence after beating Myanmar 2-0.

“However, there are still some more weaknesses in some parts when players sometimes do not show harmony in the game,” said Ong Kim Swee as reported from the Daily News.

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