Real Madrid will be Ronaldo’s last club in Europe


Real Madrid will be Ronaldo’s last club in Europe

Former Real Madrid player Michel Salgado predicts Los Blancos will be Cristiano Ronaldo’s last club in Europe. He believes Ronaldo will retire at Santiago Bernabeu, or move to clubs outside Europe Agen Bola Terpercaya.

Ronaldo’s departure rumors from Real Madrid blew hard in recent weeks. He is reportedly ready to leave the Santiago Bernabeu after being hit by a tax evasion case worth 14.7 million euros.

Ronaldo himself until now still silent. However, Salgado believes the Portuguese player will not move to another big club in Europe.

“I do not see Ronaldo with another jersey, at least in top soccer, maybe he will retire at Real Madrid and maybe he will try another league like MLS or something,” Salgado told Soccerway.

“But in top soccer, in Europe I do not think Ronaldo will change clubs I think he is comfortable at Real Madrid Now he is the soul of the club, he is the man we rely on in big games, and honestly I think he will last.”
Ronaldo last season led Real Madrid to La Liga and Champions League champions. His goals helped Los Blancos to win two trophies. Total, Ronaldo scored 25 goals in La Liga and 12 goals in the Champions League.

“Obviously, Ronaldo will definitely keep playing for Real Madrid, I do not see him in another jersey,” Salgado added.

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